Core and Spine Stability

Rehabilitative Qigong & Tai Chi for Spine and Lower Extremity Dysfunction Video Program

A flexible spine for a long active life…

One of the most commonly reported body issues of modern living is that of chronic back pain, and even more concerning is that its pervasive nature clothes its insidious causation.  In other words… your back pain is hiding something!  For thousands of years both ancient and modern cultures have recognized the importance of spinal function as it relates to physical, emotional, psychological, and energetic health.  Modern research continues to correlate spinal physiology with vital fluid and energetic circulation, while the experiences of stiffness, tension, pain, weakness, and fatigue indicate disruptions in healthy energetic flow.
The extremely comprehensive Rehabilitative Tai Chi for Spine & Lower Extremities program loosens muscle, tendon, and joint restrictions to enhance the unrestricted flow of energy throughout the entire body.
  • Learn Over 20 Total Body Techniques
  • Release Chronic Muscle and Joint Tension
  • Develop a Resilient Spine
  • Improve mobility in hips and legs
  • Energize your whole body
  • Learn the specifics of each movement before following along in one seamless Tai Chi flow.
  • Program Length: 190 minutes

Since 1995

We’ve been educating people in how to take care of their bodies for over 20 years! Our programs blend the best of Western rehabilitation science and Eastern philosophy. Always make sure to check with your doctor before beginning a new exercise program.

Your Instructor

Brian Trzaskos, PT LMT CSCS CMP MI-C, SBMC

Founder and President of NEW Health

Brian believes education is powerful medicine that allows people to access their own highest healing potential. As a practicing physical therapist and student of eastern movement and meditation practices for over two decades, Brian holds multiple advanced certifications in both the Western and Eastern healing arts. After practicing for 16 years under the constraints of managed care, Brian experienced a deep discontentment with the health insurance system and its inability to place quality of care above costs. Notably, this time of frustration was accompanied by a series of stress-related illnesses which had seriously impacted Brian’s life, prompting him to delve more deeply into himself and strengthening his commitment to serve others. Out of this experience he created his own private pay practice and rediscovered the power of both Tai Chi and Qigong for personal cultivation and inner strength. He is now an author, national public speaker and thought leader in holistic therapeutic movement. Brian and his family live in the beautiful Champlain Valley in upstate NY.

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