About NEW

A world of possibility lies waiting inside of you.

Our Proprietary Process:

Sensation-Based Mindset

Sensation-Based Mindset is based on the concept that there are two components to emotions; thoughts and sensations. When we prioritize the intellect we neglect the primary behavioral driver, the sensations. It’s not the “thought” of change that stops us, it’s the correlative sensations. In contrast, self-mastery of emotions through conscious shifting of sensory patterns allows rapid and sustainable behavioral change. Sensation-Based Mindset addresses the WHOLE person and the WHOLE pattern to permanently shift the dysfunction and completely reprogram the subconscious mind.

  • Creates long-term solutions by focusing on alignment of the 3 minds; the bodymind, intellectual emotional mind and the collective mind
  • Deals with the root cause dysfunction
  • Helps clients experience peak performance and does not allow for backsliding

Our Values

Highest Quality

We believe in delivering the highest quality services available by being “all in”. NEW Health is often complimented on our professionalism because we show up fully and engage deeply.

Win - Win - Win

Our solutions serve not just the individual/organization, but also the people who they serve and influence. Our work creates a ripple effect of positive transformation and we plan that with intention. 

Insight is Power

Our greatest power as humans is our ability to choose. We help our clients make powerful decisions knowing that getting it right isn’t the goal, insight is. With insight comes awareness. And with awareness comes the opportunity for growth and leadership

Integrity and Honesty

Being in true integrity means acting in alignment with the three primary minds (universal, mental/emotional, and body). This is not always possible. But what is possible is expressing the truth about what we are experiencing so that we can strive for deep integrity with openness, lightheartedness, and compassion. 

The NEW Health Leadership Team

Brian Trzaskos

Brian Trzaskos

President and Lead Trainer

Ani Anderson

Ani Anderson

CEO and Lead Coach