Active Myofascial Release

Qigong for Active Myofascial Release Video Program

Flexible on the inside so you can be active in the outside…

We believe that the secrets to spontaneous healing are revealed in blending ancient wisdom and modern science. Centuries old Qigong practices, known as muscle-tendon changing forms, were developed to directly affect myofascial systems, resulting in greater physical strength, flexibility, resiliency, and “qi” flow. 
According to the ancient Chinese, “qi” is the animating energy that flows through all things and when that energy flows effortlessly through us we experience endless energy, emotional balance, and abundant relationships. 
Our body’s myofascial system, like a continuous web, travels through and around our bones, muscles, organs, and nerves creating a network of high speed electrical conductivity.  In other words, what the ancients believed and what is now being revealed with cutting edge research is that “qi” flows though the myofascial system!
Qigong for Active Myofascial release is a simple and highly efficient way to soften restrictions in the body and open up pathways for “qi” to flow.

  • 6 Total Body Active Myofascial Release Postures
  • Release Chronic Muscle Tension
  • Develop a Resilient Body & Mind
  • Do before the Core & Spine Stability program to amplify “Qi” flow.
  • 3 Seated / Standing Flows with Instructions and Music
  • Program Length: 123 minutes

Since 1993

We’ve been educating people in how to take care of their bodies for over 25 years! Our programs blend the best of Western rehabilitation science and Eastern philosophy. Always make sure to check with your doctor before beginning a new exercise program.

Your Instructor

Brian Trzaskos, PT LMT CSCS CMP MI-C, SBMC

Founder and President of NEW Health

Brian believes education is powerful medicine that allows people to access their own highest healing potential. As a practicing physical therapist and student of eastern movement and meditation practices for over two decades, Brian holds multiple advanced certifications in both the Western and Eastern healing arts. After practicing for 16 years under the constraints of managed care, Brian experienced a deep discontentment with the health insurance system and its inability to place quality of care above costs. Notably, this time of frustration was accompanied by a series of stress-related illnesses which had seriously impacted Brian’s life, prompting him to delve more deeply into himself and strengthening his commitment to serve others. Out of this experience he created his own private pay practice and rediscovered the power of both Tai Chi and Qigong for personal cultivation and inner strength. He is now an author, national public speaker and thought leader in holistic therapeutic movement. Brian and his family live in the beautiful Champlain Valley in upstate NY.
“Brian is a master at taking seemingly complex information and creating user friendly tools that make sense, are effective and create just what is needed- more ease– in body and mind.”
Britt Marie McDowell, Psychotherapist