Motivational Maps

The only validated assessment to measure the 
FULL spectrum of motivation.

Motivation is a problem we can solve.

According to Gallop only  2 in 10 employees strongly agree that their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work.

The solution may sound easy- ask employees what motivates them. However 80% of people inaccurately predict their own motivators!

With 9 inherent motivators, if you don’t know what motivates your staff, it’s like gambling with company money. Unless you know how you’re employees are motivated, you’re just guessing.

Motivational Maps are…

Which Map is Right for You?

Motivational Maps Individual

For transforming personal energy and performance.

Use this for:

-Coaching and managing staff
-Performance appraisals 
-Recruitment and retention of staff

Benefits and Outcomes:

-Increased motivation and performance
-Improved engagement and productivity
-Better career and recruitment choices and selections

Motivational Maps Team

Build on the strengths of everyone working together.

Use this for:

-Change management programs
-Engagement and reward strategies
-Managing teams

Benefits and Outcomes:

-Better team work and greater productivity
-Superior leadership skills
-Better recruitment choices

Motivational Maps Organization

For STRATEGIC Motivation

Use this for:

-Strategic planning: mapping people to culture, values, mission and vision
-Change management requiring people alignment
-Engagement and reward strategy programs

Benefits and Outcomes:

-Easy to use, understand and implement
-Increased motivation, performance, productivity and employee engagement
-Enhanced communication leading to more effective leadership and management

How it Works

The Motivational Map Assessment takes only about 15 minutes on-line to complete. The individual will then receive a full 15 page report on what motivates them and how motivated they are. The report is not only practical but also extremely revealing: most individuals have little idea about what truly motivates them.

The Motivational Map report contains at least 9 reward strategy ideas to help to motivate individuals further. This tool unlocks for them, and for others if they choose to share, the key to high performance. It is ideal for individual, career and leadership development.

The more motivation we have, the more energy; so this tool not only boosts our self-esteem but increases our capability to perform at a higher level.

Motivation Myths

MYTH: I can figure out what motivates me now based on what I’ve experienced in the past.

TRUTH: Motivation springs forth from a combination of our conative and affective minds and is a composite of our past, present and future as measured by the Motivational Maps.

MYTH: Some people are inherently motivated and some people are not.

TRUTH: Everyone is motivated by a combination of 9 different motivators. When people are not energized, producing and innovating they are either unaware or not using their motivators. When we are not aware of or using our motivators to help us plan our life strategies we will have a low level of satisfaction with that motivator.  This data is also measurable by the Motivational Maps.

MYTH: Conflicts between individuals are because of “personality clashes.”

TRUTH: Often conflicts between individuals are motivational in origin. 

MYTH: Teams should be assembled on the basis of complementary skill sets.

TRUTH: Motivations of the individual team members should be considered in the assembling of teams. This will decrease talent loss and time lost to indecision and increase productivity and innovation. 

MYTH: Organizations need to be understood from a financial, marketing and operational perspective.

TRUTHorganizations can be understand from a people perspective: the invisible desires of your employees made visible through the Organizational Motivational Map.

MYTH: It’s impossible to make employees align with the organizations values and mission.

TRUTH: When employees motivations are taken into consideration you tap into the heart of the organization where the values, mission and vision for the company are aligned with what your staff wants collectively. 

“Brian’s interpretation of the Motivational Mapping results was surprisingly eye-opening. I’ve done a lot of personal development work and taken a lot of assessments, but Brian was able to [use these results to] provide a new perspective on challenges in my business AND show effective ways to navigate around them. Such a worthwhile experience – I plan to use Brian and this [tool] [assessment] in my own consulting work.”

Nancy Jonker PHD

“Having my motivational Map done with Brian was hugely validating for me and I was able to immediately apply the information within 24 hours to successfully book a client at my highest asking rate yet!”
Jay Pryor, CEO, Jay Pryor Coaching