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NEW Health Show

We are on a mission…

The NEW health show is eradicating the idea that natural, energetic and wholistic wellness strategies are “alternative.”

Integrated into our schools, health care systems, and businesses NEW health is something that everyone is utilizing and our show gets people talking about it!

Join NEW health experts, business people, celebrities and more as we open your mind to a refreshing idea…

NEW Health is the “new normal”, it works, and it’s safe to talk about in public.

Host, Ani Anderson

Ani Anderson is the CEO of NEW health Inc and the co-creator of Sensation-Based Motivation Coaching. Since leaving her job as an Occupational Therapist in the western medical system in 2005, she and her partner have created two wellness centers and two global training institutions.

Her company currently influences thousands of global health care providers, wellness coaches, consultants and business leaders in the NEW health strategies that create integration of holistic solutions into our mainstream systems

Win Win Women’s Network

The Win Win Women’s Network is a revolutionary communication platform that brings women together from all over the world. Both live stream and multimedia, the shows on the Win Win network provide the opportunity for women not only to watch, but to interact allowing them to get the information that matters most to them. 

The Win Win Network launched worldwide in January 2022. Soon the NEW Health Show will be streaming not only through their internet platform, but also on Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire.  

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