Highly engaging and consistently reliable presenters, Ani Anderson and Brian Trzaskos are recognized authorities in the fields of human wellness, behavior, and performance, seamlessly bridging esoteric concepts and practical neuroscience to promote powerful self-leadership actions. Their expertise is in teaching leaders, teams, and coaches how to develop the emotional self mastery, which engenders unfettered clarity, natural confidence, and the uncommon integrity that deeply influences others.

“Ani and Brian were enthusiastic and engaging speakers who added huge value to The Real Deal seminar with their novel Sensation-Based approach to mindset success. The genuinely cared enough to learn about our audience’s needs so that they could present customized and actionable solutions. We received phenomenal feedback from our attendees who felt they walked away with immediate value. I highly recommend having them at your next event.”

-Angelique Rewers, CEO, The Corporate Agent

“Ani and Brian are true professionals! They tailored their presentation to fit the theme of my event and the needs of my audience.  I’m not wowed very often, but they wowed me.  I look forward to working with them again and building a long term business relationship.  And I would refer them to any audience who is looking for speakers on personal development, motivation and mindset.”

– Debbie Allen, host of the Highly Paid Expert Workshop

“Working with Brian and Ani as part of my event was absolutely delightful! They were clearly eager to serve my conference guests and shared thought-provoking content that added richness to my event. I highly recommend Ani and Brian if you are looking for compelling content for your event or if you are ready to work with masterful coaches in key areas of your life and business.”

-Wendy Y Bailey, CEO, Business Beyond Limits

Sample Speaking Topics

The NEW Science of Motivation

Leveraging the hidden link between peak health and high performance

Research reports that 73% of people are disengaged at work, and 60% of the U.S. population has at least one chronic disease; interestingly enough studies also reveal that over 80% of people can’t accurately predict what motivates them. In our personal lives and organizational settings, disengagement or “performance gaps” show up as chaos, indecision, conflict, miscommunication, and unmet goals. Yet, beyond performance an even more insidious issue is lurking; that chronic demotivation causes disease, resulting in absenteeism, loss of work, escalating health care costs, and poor quality of life.

Motivation by definition is our “reason for moving”, which infers the powerful combination of both purpose and energy. Clear purpose is an obvious ingredient in high performance and vibrant energy clearly equates to both high performance and peak states of health. Each individual has a unique combination of motivational drivers that can be quantitatively measured, revealing exactly why certain actions suck energy away, causing illness, and others make us feel supercharged, creating natural wellness and productivity. Uncommon leaders understand that high performance, peak health, and exceptional productivity are intricately linked and have little to do with working harder, but are rather the natural by- products of being aligned with one’s internal motivational drivers.

There is a science to motivation. In business, the days of externally focused “carrot driven” motivation are gone while with todays speed of change, technology demands, and consumer influence it is imperative that leaders know exactly what internally motivates themselves and their teams at the core. With this rare understanding leaders will know precisely how to stimulate their teams (and their own) inherent motivational drivers resulting in consistently high performance, peak states of health, and exceptional productivity.

Following this talk participants will be able to:

  • Identify the three primary motivational clusters that instinctively drive high performance behaviors
  • Describe how our inherent motivators align or conflict with others causing frustration, indecision, and disease.
  • Ask the three key questions that dissolve inner resistance and naturally supercharge positive action.

Audience Value: Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of their own and other people’s inherent motivational drivers as well as how to use this knowledge to enhance positive communication, stimulate productive action, and create exceedingly healthy workplace cultures.

The Transition Formula

How to navigate life and organizational transitions with the uncommon self-leadership skills that deeply influence others.

Whether we are dealing with organizational change, career decisions, relationship challenges, health concerns, or planning “the back nine”, life is constantly in transition.  We may not even notice the small, potentially insidious transitions that take place every day like conflicted interactions at work and home, unhealthy food choices, another missed workout, unresolved resentments, and important words left unsaid.  Yet the seeds of our small actions eventually become the forest in which we live, and often where we become hopelessly lost.

Learning to successfully navigate life’s innumerable cross roads, whether large or small, requires that we become fully conscious of our relationship to the world, other people, and ultimately ourselves.  This process asks of us to understand how we’ve come to where we are and accept it fully so that we can confidently lead ourselves and others through doubt and confusion with the uncommon integrity that leaves a lasting legacy for others to follow.

Following this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Identify the unconscious beliefs that are creating their health, relationship, career, and organizational struggles
  • Resolve the internal conflicts that promote doubt, confusion, depression, anxiety, and fear
  • Create an authentic self-leadership plan for navigating both daily and difficult life transitions

Audience Value:  Participants will leave with a paradigm shift in awareness allowing them to immediately identify and correct self-sabotaging behavior, align with accurate thinking, promote emotional resilience, and shift into purpose-filled and productive states.

The Stress Revolution

How to systematically leverage stress into possibilities for profound growth, emotional resilience, and authentic self-leadership.

A 2014 Career Builder survey of 3,211 US workers revealed that overall 60% of employees report stress in their current jobs, with workers in the health care sector reporting and an even higher 69% and professional and business services 64%.

Higher and uncontrolled rates of workplace stress have been definitively linked to substantially higher rates of heart disease, back pain, cancer, injuries, infections, mental health issues, substance abuse, and relationship conflicts.  Organizationally the contagion of stress negatively impacts individual and team performance, customer care, ability to innovate, health insurance costs, and most certainly the financial bottom line.

Typical stress management strategies like vacation, exercise, yoga, and meditation while helpful are simply tools to release the pressure, however a permanent shift requires thinking from a whole NEW paradigm; that stress isn’t the enemy, it’s a gateway and our most accurate feedback system for conscious growth and success.

While uncontrolled stress causes illness, disease, and pain, understanding the science of leveraging stress provides a pathway for greater authenticity, motivation, productivity, and consistent peace of mind.

Following this talk participants will be able to:

  • Explain the science of stress; what it is, how we self-create it, and its affect on our physiology.
  • Describe how to leverage both thoughts and emotions to reveal and transform the root causes of stress.
  • Perform the 3 step Stress Revolution process to rapidly shift from overwhelm, to states of profound motivation and productivity.

Audience Value:  Participants will leave this presentation and immediately understand the deeper cause of their stress, its influences on others, and how to quickly and consistently shift into highly productive states of creativity and innovation.

Going Deep

The Science of Using Sensation-Based Methods in Coaching

Great coaches always focus on making a bigger impact. Whether you are a veteran coach, just beginning, or somewhere in between we all want full engagement from and massive outcomes for our clients. Yet more often than we’d like to admit, coaches are stymied by a lack of client commitment, distractibility, procrastination, tunnel vision, communication issues, and even distressing physical symptoms; in a word, resistance. Subconscious resistance to change can take many forms, however unique to the individual typically presents as a repeated pattern with a specific sensory component, which acts as the resistance pattern’s “foundation”. Identifying and deconstructing this core sensory pattern is a critical and powerful first step in elevating emotional intelligence, adopting new perceptions, and promoting the acceptance of creative solutions. Rather than engaging the core sensory pattern, most coaches try to mistakenly rationalize through their client’s resistance resulting in further disengagement and possibly loss of trust.

Through dynamic lecture presented with practical examples, metaphors, and story-telling participants will remember and be talking about this session long after it’s done. Engaging power point and live easel diagraming offers tangible visual cues while guided experiential and paired practice ensures successful follow up with practical applications for both themselves and clients. Woven through this session are tools to fully embody grounded coaching presence and develop the capacity to ask deeper and more powerful sensation-based questions in eliciting aligned insight and effective action.

Filled with the study of cutting-edge brain science, mindfulness, and bioenergetics, in this session you will learn the physiologic basis of subconscious resistance, its effect on your actions and decision making, as well as clinically tested sensation-based coaching methods for quickly identifying and re-patterning persistent negative behaviors; resulting in higher levels of commitment, energy, insight, and client impact.

Following this presentation participants will be able to:

  • Describe basic sensation-based, bioenergetic concepts and their relationship to emotional intelligence.
  • Identify 3 primary neurologically based subconscious defenses that create resistance to coaching and positive behavior change
  • Apply sensation-based mindset strategies to quickly reveal and re-pattern persistent limiting beliefs in order to promote consistent positive action.

Audience Value: Participants will leave this session with revelatory insights regarding the physiologic source of patterned resistance and practical, sensation-based methods to quickly identify and re-pattern persistent, hidden core limiting beliefs.

Living and Leading Guilt-Free

Teaching women leaders how to tap into their natural resources so that they can lead with compassion and without guilt.

96% of women feel guilty at least once per day according to recent surveys. In fact, the female brain is hard-wired for empathy and so it is predisposed to feelings of guilt. Being hard-wired for empathy makes women compassionate leaders, but guilt robs us of our happiness. Where is the balance? How can female leaders live and lead compassionately without the feelings of guilt that hold us back, cloud our clarity, and drain our body of it’s vitality? In this transformational presentation, bodymind expert Ani Anderson will show your audience how to eliminate guilt from both the intellect and the body. No longer will your audience feel the need to “fake it till they make it”, they will leave with the exact tools to use any time they find themselves feeling guilty so they can make powerful decisions with clear emotions.

Following this presentation participants will be able to:

  • Re-define guilt as a transformational power tool.
  • Articulate how guilt shows up as subtle body sensations that go undetected by the intellect, but secretly drive behavior.
  • Recognize that guilt functions in opposition to prosperity consciousness and natural law.
  • Execute the guilt reconciliation technique that magically eliminates guilt so that women can think clearly and lead with compassion.

Audience Value: Audience members will receive the guilt reconciliation worksheet that they can use easily to eliminate guilt and empower their decision making. They will leave this session feeling energized, excited and powerful.

“Brian has taught four different courses for Summit Professional Education including 130 workshops in 30 different states to over 3000 professionals, and gets a 4.8/5 speaker rating.  He’s a passionate and engaging instructor and I highly recommend him for your next event.”

-Bart Lewis, Summit Professional Education

“Brian engages audiences to focus on their own fitness using practical examples, medical expertise and interesting analogies that are never forgotten and that change the lives of those hearing him to do better, feel better and live a more pain-free life.”

Terry Thompson
LHoist NA

Speaking Bios

Brian Trzaskos PT LMT CSCS CMP MI-C is a human wellness, behavior, and performance expert, as well as co-creator of Sensation-Based Mindset coaching with a mission to teach one-million people to end their internal conflict in the next decade. He is the co-founder of NEW Health Inc. and the Institute for Rehabilitative Qigong & Tai Chi.

Committed to teaching at the highest levels, Brian is well known for his energetic and compassionate approach to teaching as well as his to ability to make even the most difficult concepts easy to understand and immediately applicable in helping people develop the emotional mastery to create lasting impacts in their work, family, and life relationships. He is a highly regarded speaker, teacher, mindset expert, and thought leader in bodymind energetics.

Ani Anderson, MS, OT, LMT, CEMP is the bestselling author of Finding Your Soul’s Agenda and co-creator of Sensation-Based Mindset Coaching. She holds advanced degrees and certifications in Occupational Therapy, Energy Medicine, Massage Therapy and the eastern healing arts of Tai Chi and Qigong.

Ani has been captivating performers since a young age including her time as a professional performer in NYC. She is committed to educating audiences through the power of emotion, helping them to be move toward action through emotional responses and inherent motivation. As the CEO of NEW Health, Ani has been instrumental in bringing to life two holistic wellness centers, an international training institute and multiple virtual training courses that have impacted the lives of thousands. When she’s not working, Ani can be found enjoying the beautiful Adirondack mountains that she calls home with her amazing blended family.

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